You're trying to do it all. 

Being busy is a badge of honor that you used to wear proudly, but it's getting heavier by the day. You've been hustling hard, 24/7. Keeping all the plates spinning. And where does it get you? 

Exhausted. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Burnt the f*ck out.

And work-life balance? It seems like a cruel joke. Impossible to achieve. Like your only choice is: your work or your life. You find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul way too often, and Peter is not cool with it anymore.

You're a superstar when it comes to getting the job done and taking care of others but ...

Its been so long since you've made time for yourself, you've all but forgotten what you like to do for fun.

What if things could be different?
What if your work and life supported and sustained each other? 
What if finding your way back to yourself is the key?

It may seem impossible. But here's a little secret…

The hustle isn't sustainable.

But you probably already know that. You're starting to realize you can't neglect yourself and do your best work. You just haven't figured out how the hell to get off this ride.

You dream of the ever-elusive "work-life balance". That "perfect life" where everything is in balance all the time. But you don't really want balance.

What you really want is relief (and some time to yourself!).

And you know what? You deserve it!

Not sure where to start?

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Hi, I'm Dara

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I want to live in a world where "I'm busy being busy" isn't a thing, work and life are not enemies, and Mondays are pretty much always amazing.

I've had many different jobs -- executive assistant, dog trainer, theatrical lighting electrician, and teacher. So I'm familiar with the elusive myth of work-life balance and I've ridden the train to burnout town more than once. (If you were wondering, no, there are no good restaurants there!)

When I'm not helping people radically change the way they work and live, you can find me in my metalsmithing studio hammering, shaping and melting silver; hiking in the deserts and forests of the Southwest; unapologetically binge watching Scandal; and dreaming of the yurt in the mountains I will one day call home.

Learn more about working with me here.

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