How to Not Bring Work Home

how to not bring work home

In today's audio postcard I'm talking about how to not bring work home with you. 

Once you've had a chance to listen, I have a couple questions for you.

Are you noticing? And, what small shift can you make the next time you notice you've brought work home with you?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Postcard summary

Today I want to talk to you about how to not bring work home with you.

how to not carry your work around with your mind.

What got me thinking about bringing work home, in this way, was a woman I overheard when I was out to breakfast. I mentioned her in another audio postcard here.

This was a woman who was frustrated and stressed out at her job. A woman who spent her morning at work - in her mind - and completely missed out on the lovely morning she was having.

She'd brought her work home, and didn’t even realize it.

It’s so easy to do, right?

Especially when you're constantly frustrated and stressed out with your work. You end up carrying it around with you. It becomes ever-present in your life.

The problem is that in doing this, you're not actually allowing yourself to take a break from your work.

But  in order to do your job well, in order to do your work in the world well, part of your job is taking a break.

Part of your job is taking a break.

And if you're carrying your job around with you all the time, you're unknowingly robbing yourself of the opportunity to take time for you. 

You've managed to get stuck in this cycle of of keeping yourself trapped in the stress. And I've been there, it totally sucks.

It’s an easy habit to accidentally fall into. So how the hell do you get out of it?


The first step is to notice what's going on. You’re bringing work home unintentionally. Because you can't do anything about it if you don't notice what's going on.


The second step is to shift yourself into the present moment. Shift into what's happening right now.

If you’re out to breakfast, be there.  Enjoy the company of the person you’re with. Enjoy the beautiful day. Take the time to savor and taste the delicious food. And be present for what's happening.

Because if your mind is always at work - when you're not actually at work - you're missing out on the break that you need and deserve.