You’re a caring, hard-working woman.

The only problem is you are overworked, burned out, and too busy to make time for yourself.


You find yourself dreading Mondays, and going through the motions day after day. You’re trying to do it all, and you put your job and everyone in your life first.

Only to find that you’re sleepwalking through your life, disconnected from who you are and what you enjoy, after placing your needs last on your own list for too long.

You want to make room for reconnecting with the things you enjoy so that you have more energy, feel less stressed and can take time for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish. But you don’t know where to start.


It is possible to be excited about your life again.

The Jump-Start Session shows you how to take the first step.


Do you?

  • Rarely take a lunch break, wolfing down lunch at your desk so you can squeeze in some extra work

  • Roll your eyes when your friends tell you you need a better self-care routine

  • Feel a twinge of envy every time your coworker talks about her amazing weekend

  • Dread the thought of falling behind if you let yourself rest, or take time off work

  • Read all the productivity books, blogs, and articles you can get your hands on to try to get more done


You know the Sunday afternoon blues all too well.


By 3:07 p.m. on Sunday, the weekend is almost over but you’re still exhausted, and faced with yet another draining work week.

Imagine going from dreading Mondays to waking up on Monday morning feeling energized and ready to start your week.



  • Feeling good when you wake up each day, rested and ready to get your day started so you can get your work done without it taking over your life.

  • Enjoying a night out with your partner at your favorite Italian place, so you can truly relax, have an intimate conversation, and savor the experience.

  • Having time to read the book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand for weeks.

  • Rediscovering your love of painting or hiking, and having time for it, so that you feel more connected to yourself.

  • No longer sleepwalking through your life like a zombie and instead feeling fired up and fully alive.


This is where the Jump-Start Session comes in.


In your 90-minute one-on-one phone session you’ll uncover what’s really keeping you stuck in overwhelm and burnout so that you can take the first step toward getting your time and energy back and living the life you really want and deserve.

You’ll get personal support, not a one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll feel empowered to rediscover the activities you enjoy and learn how to make them a regular part of your routine rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon event.

At the end of your session you’ll have clear steps to make time for yourself so you can

  • Quit going through the motions

  • Overcome burnout

  • Feel more fulfilled and satisfied

  • Get your life back

But it doesn’t end there.

One week after your 90-minute session, you’ll get a 30-minute follow up call to make sure you’re on your way to living your life for yourself not for others, and feeling great about it.

As a certified life coach who has researched and studied burnout extensively, I have the training and expertise to help you recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.


Temporary fixes like vacations and productivity hacks aren’t the answer.

Because they don’t solve the underlying problem.


I know exactly what to do to help you recover from burnout and prevent future burnout relapses and the Jump-Start Session is your first step in the right direction.

What all of this means for you is you’ll go from running on fumes to having a full tank so you can get your work done and enjoy your life.


Take the first step to putting burnout in your rear view mirror.

Sign up for a Jump-Start Session today.

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It’s time to get your life back!

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